Hugo Boss

Illusion Grey - Ball Pen


The -Illusion- ballpoint pen is presented with textures and proportions to create an optical illusion, featuring a perfectly balanced silhouette. This item is crafted in a modern mix of dark chrome plated highly technical engravements and taupe matte lacquer.

Packaging: HBS500 - Box
Weight ( gms ) : 36
Dimension: Dia. 13 / h. 140 mm
Color: Medium Grey,Dark Grey
Base material : Brass,Matt lacquer,Gun plating
Ink color : Blue
Cartridge reference: Parker style ballpoint
Warranty : 2 years
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Writing all that runs through your mind, helps you pay attention and screen out distortion. How can one not have anything to write about? Fill in your deepest thoughts, your life’s biggest moments, your fears and true feelings in beautiful diaries by Viva Global.

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Stripe Matte Black - Fountain Pen

Hugo Boss


The architectural pattern adorning the surface of the -Stripe- line is extremely precise and refined that it can only be achieved using the highest engraving technology. The subtle contrast between the polished trims and the matte barrels are conferring true modern luxury, while the dynamic outline provides an advanced writing experience.

Packaging: HBS500 - Box
Weight ( gms ) : 45
Dimension: Dia. 13 / h. 138 mm
Color: Black,Dark Grey
Base material : Brass,Lacquer,Gun plating
Cap material : Brass
Cap finishing material : lacquer
Ink color : Blue
Cartridge reference: International fountain pen
Warranty : 2 years

Keystone Blue - Conference Folder - A4

Hugo Boss


From the strong, clean and geometric Keystone collection, this folder is an absolute must-have for the well-equipped businessman. The folder provides sufficient space for documents. The folder includes a pen holder, business card slots, a document pocket and a free notepad.

Weight ( gms ) :600
Dimension: 336 x 271 x 36 mm
Color: Blue
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Number of sheets :40
Warranty : 2 years

Pure Matte Dark Chrome - Roller Pen

Hugo Boss


Packaging: HBS500 - Box
Weight ( gms ) : 50
Dimension: Dia. 14 / h. 143 mm
Color: Dark Grey
Base material : Brass,Gun plating
Cap material : Brass
Cap finishing material : Gun plating
Ink color : Black
Cartridge reference: Waterman style rollerball
Warranty : 2 years

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